About Us


Therapeutic Services for Your Health & Budget

 Most of us were brought into this world as healthy beings - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Only what we encounter in life, our experiences along the way, separate us from perfect health.  Our goal is to be a guide to removing trauma from the body, mind, and spirit to help each person we encounter find her or his own path to wholeness. We believe consistency is the key to health, wellness, and happiness. Whether it is in your daily nutrition and exercise routines or in your spiritual practices and maintaining positive thought patterns, consistency is necessary for success.  Our goal is to keep services accessible on a regular basis and provide complementary education, so our guests receive the most benefits from their bodywork with a toolbox of self-care techniques at their disposal.   


Massage & Bodywork

Our massage and bodywork treatments are based in multiple bodywork disciplines, including medical massage, deep-tissue massage, myofascial release, sports massage, injury/surgery recovery, passive stretching, joint mobility, and more. Each session and  treatment plan is designed around you as an individual. We work on long-term goals while addressing short-term needs. Identifying areas of nerve entrapment and relaxing the central nervous system help you become aware of imbalances in your body, and our sessions work to correct these imbalances.



Self-massage, partner massage, yoga, nutrition, and more! By bringing in practitioners who specialize in different areas of wholeness and health, we can offer our guests  individualized programs of personal holistic wellness and powerful tools of self-healing and care.