fascial freedom

Intro to Fascial Freedom: Next Workshops Coming Spring 2020

This workshop is designed for individuals looking for methods of self-healing to improve their health & quality of life. Connect with & discover your body’s power to heal itself through self-myofascial release & massage. Begin to understand your fascial system by learning to use rollers, massage balls & other tools & movement techniques to address issues of pain, muscle tension, repetitive stresses,  injuries & all forms of trauma. Workshops facilitated by Julia Tibbets, CMT. Register by clicking here. Cost: $15

RAD Rollers

RAD rollers and balls are Triad's choice for self-myofascial release tools. We use them in the office for treatments and they are available to take home as well! Just click here to check out their amazing products.

Fascial Freedom Fusion

A 90-minute individual session to address soft-tissue entrapment and myofascial adhesions by first receiving massage and hands-on therapies (approximately 30 minutes of session) and then learning to use massage tools to work on your problem areas anytime. Consistent self-care is the best tool for creating freedom in our fascial system, which improves all our bodily functions and helps us connect to our bodies. We will help you discover your own power to heal yourself. Schedule by clicking here.